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How tall Doug Jones?

Tall Doug Jones doing just fine ... how you??? Hah! Sorry about that ... a little old-time Hollywood joke. Anyway, Doug Jones is six feet three and a half inches tall. Never, ever, under any circumstances, forget the half inch.


Okay - that's his height taken care of. Now, what about his weight?

Right now it's about 145lbs soaking wet, with sand in his pockets.


So, he played Abe Sapien in HELLBOY, right?

Yep. You got it.


He didn't do the voice! Why didn't he do the voice??

Right, we'll lay this ol' chestnut to rest once and for all.

Dougie will tell anyone who cares to ask - and believe me, he's been asked this one A LOT - that the intention right from the start was to dub the voice of Abe Sapien. Before Doug was even cast, there were rumours of David Hyde Pierce or Kevin Spacey doing Abe's voice, so all Dougie asked was for a chance at the voice. He did a great job as anyone present at the looping session will tell you, but ultimately it was the studios' choice, and they finally went with David Hyde Pierce (who, incidentally, is uncredited, at his own request - he regards Abe as wholly Doug's creation). Doug was disappointed as was only to be expected, BUT ... he will be the first one to tell you that David did a fantastic job and he backed up the studios' choice right from the start.

However, Doug has since voiced Abe in both Hellboy Animated films, the Hellboy video game and also portrayed both body and voice of Abe Sapien in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, as well as the Chamberlain and body and voice of the eerie yet beautiful Angel of Death.

He also has a growing reputation as a talented and versatile voice actor. Check out his credits here.


I'm going to a Sci Fi con where Doug is appearing. D'you think he'd sign a picture for me? Or is he a wee bit of a prima donna like some celebrities?

Prima donna??? Dougie??? Lor' luv-a-duck, hardly!!!

However, depending on the organisation of the con, it sometimes means you might get charged for an autograph - there's not a thing we can do about it, it's just the way some cons are run. But Dougie is always happy to get mail from you in care of his agents at Omnipop, and does his best to write back as soon as possible. You'll find the address on the Contact page.

But otherwise he's more than happy to say 'hi' and dole out hugs to everyone and their granny - he's a sweet, down-to-earth gem of a guy who is truly amazed and humbled by the fact he has countless fans. The only thing is ... be patient! He's in demand, so there might be a bit of a queue!

Check the Appearances page to see if Doug is attending a convention near you.


Now that you've done HELLBOY, Dougie, are you still willing to do low-budget films, short films, or more creature gigs?

Doug says ...

My answer to that is more of a lifestyle motto ... I have trouble saying no, and just plain love working. Let's look at a script, and as long as my agents are happy with the arrangement, I will consider most anything. And for those filmmakers or students with no budget but a great idea for a short, still talk to me through the webmaster of this site (see Contact page).

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