Doug Jones on 'Abe Sapien' ...

I have no idea where Abe came from because the creator [Mike Mignola] doesn't know where he came from. But I can tell you that Abe is the intellect and the clairvoyant force that aids Hellboy. He's also the advice giver ... But he's not just a big brain; he's also a big heart. And Guillermo has even said that Abe is the heart of the film. Of course, Abe is Guillermo's favorite character, or at least one of them.


For those unable to see the DVD here are some captures of everyone's favourite Icthyo Sapiens

Our sincerest thanks must go to Kusanivy for the caps!

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Have a look at the storyboards of Abe's underwater scene by the brilliant Simeon Wilkins here,
and while you're at it why not check out Simeon's website for more fantastic artwork?


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