Framingham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

22nd & 23rd November , 2008


Andrea and Dougie.

Talented musician and one of the original Hellebrationeers at the HELLBOY fan screening in Los Angeles back in 2004, Andrea had missed the chance of meeting Doug by a day. It took her four years, but they finally met at the Boston Mega Fest.

We had such fun meeting Doug!!!

We stood in line at the Sheraton in Framingham, waiting to get in, when who should be walking towards us but Doug!  I stopped him (don't know if it was protocol to do that, but I did!!!!) and said, "Hi Doug!  I'm Andrea, Helen's friend!  and this is my husband Paul!"  He said "Hello!", gave me a big smile and a beautiful hug, and said "Hello, Husband Paul!!" How handsome he is in person!  And he has such a wonderful way of walking - he glides ... he has such a regal bearing, I was so impressed with him!

When we got into the con, we looked for Doug's table and stood in a little line to see him and get his autograph on my Jason Alexander print (it has Alexander AND Mike Mignola's signature on it already - and we talked a little about that) and I told him [he] had a bosie on it's way [ed: ask Webmaster Helen what a 'bosie' is] ... he gave me another hug and Paul took our pictures.

There was a Q&A with Doug from 2-2:30 pm and we went to that. He was so charming, and told the best story about Guillermo and the first time he met him on Mimic, and G. asked for his phone number and Doug pulls out his card and gives it to him.  Five years go by and there is no contact between them, but as Guillermo is looking at a maquette of Abe Sapien, one of the makeup artists says that Doug would make a great Abe. "I know him!" Guillermo exclaims and looks in his wallet - and pulls out Doug's card!! What a great story!! LOL!!

He had some great questions from everyone at the Q&A - about Hellboy III, Silver Surfer II and III (I had NO idea!) and what part he was going to play in The Hobbit.  He talked about his upcoming roles, and then suddenly it was time to go.  I never thought 30 minutes would go so FAST!! LOL!!!  WE looked around a little longer, then it was time for us to go.  I'm still on Cloud 9!!!

He was a charming, charming, dear soul, and I'm so happy to have finally met him! 


Andrea Delaney
22nd November, 2008, Cranberry Bog, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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