Framingham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

22nd & 23rd November , 2008

Dougie and Monica listening to Shoe Suede Blues

My name is Monica Haynes and Doug and I have been very close friends since high school. I have also known his wife, Laurie, since before she and Doug were married. Kinda unusual for a girl and guy that young to be considered best friends, but it just seemed to fit. Our personalities complemented one another and we shared the same goofy sense of humor. We also performed together in shows, both dramatic and musical.

As you can probably guess, that makes me even more proud of his accomplishments today. I always knew in my heart that Doug had a special Gift. I’m so very pleased and proud that the world can now see my wonderful friend, and that it appreciates the same fabulous talent that I have appreciated for so many years. I would just like people to know that Doug is the same warm, wonderful, caring and loving individual he was before all of this ballyhoo called Fame. His personality has not changed one bit since he was 14 years old. He is just as wonderfully goofy and sweet, and sees the world with the same wonder as he always did. I don’t know if the same can be said about many other Hollywood celebrities. I want everyone to know that their loyalty is not misplaced, and that Doug truly does love and appreciate all of the fans who support him. Even better, he doesn’t take it for granted or feel that it is “owed” to him. I am still hoping for more and more for him in the future, as he truly deserves it!  I just hope that everyone jumps on the support bandwagon for my dear friend, and brings along all of their friends as well. I know they won’t be disappointed with the ride. I NEVER HAVE BEEN…

As always, there’s BIG LOVE -

Monica Haynes


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