poster for 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'

Director: David Lee Fisher

Producers: Leonard McLeod & Paula Elins



Daaman Krall
Dr. Caligari
Doug Jones
Judson Morgan
Lauren Birkell
Neil Hopkins Alan
Richard Herd The Commissioner
Tim Russ The Clerk
Time Winters Jane's Father
William Gregory Lee Joseph, Jane's brother
Randy Mulkey The Inspector
Scott Lincoln The Criminal

Winner ~ Best Visual Effects ~ David Lee Fisher, Josiah Howison, Barbara Hintz

Winner ~ Best Cinematography ~ Chris Duddy

Winner ~ Audience Choice Award

34th Annual Saturn Awards, 2008

Winner ~ Best DVD release

This unique interpretation of Robert Wiene's 1919 German silent film Das KABINETT des DOKTOR CALIGARI (THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI) has been much anticipated by The Doug Jones Experience. Widely understood to be one of the finest German Expressionist films ever made, CALIGARI is regarded as the first great 'horror' movie.

Innovative director David Fisher has used original footage of the film, with its eerie modernistic sets, removed the original actors and replaced them with a contemporary cast led by Doug Jones as the melancholic and sinister somnambulist Cesare. Now with sound, spoken dialogue and tinted scenes, Fisher's version of this timeless classic will take the sinister legend of Doctor Caligari into the realms of the 21st century without losing the quintessential substance of the original film.

Doug Jones as the sinister somnambulist 'Cesare'


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Words from the Executive Producer
If you wish to know more about the original classic film directed by Robert Wiene in 1919, click here

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