Rare U.S. poster of Wiene's 1919 film

For those of you who have never seen the original Wiene classic, here are a few tidbits.


Conrad Veidt as the somnambulist, 'Cesare'



Director: Robert Wiene


Werner Krauss ... Doctor Caligari
Conrad Viedt ... Cesare
Lil Dagover ... Jane
Friedrich Feher ... Francis

Written by Hans Janowitz with stunning set designs by Herman Warm, Caligari became the benchmark by which all great horror films are judged.

Stark visual imaging, perfectly timed tension and a neat twist are all hallmarks of a good horror movie, and Caligari set the trend, made as it was in a Germany reeling from the horrors of World War One and still trying to struggle though poverty and post-war reparation.

The sets were all made of wood and paper, with the shadows mostly created by painted walls rather than set lighting. Add Willy Hameister's atmospheric cinematography ... and a timeless classic is born.

A review of the film by Robert Klepper

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