The making of 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'

This project was brought to my company (Highlander™ films LLC) by David Fisher, who wrote the screenplay, directed, and who also is the lead editor on the project.

David and I first met on the short film Roddenberry on Patrol where I was one of the Executive Producers and he was the Editor. David and I became close friends, so David approached me with his idea on Caligari; his idea was to create a story that was more of a re- imagined version of Robert Wiene's masterpiece rather than just a remake. Although the story line follows the original movie, I believe David was able to give us much more to think about while keeping flavor or the original story line. I have been asked, "Why attempt to do a remake of a movie which most consider sacred?" From my perspective, this is a tribute to the original film. It is our hope that people who have never seen the original will see ours and then want to see the original. From a technical aspect, our film uses both specially designed sets and digitally recreated sets to give you the illusion you are seeing the original film. We have also obtained the permission to use the original backgrounds. So our actors will be in the original. Considering David Fisher's background in animation I felt I had the best person. However, a good story and sets are nothing without a great cast. My opinion is our cast is nothing short of incredible; but then as the Executive Producer/Producer I am bit biased! However, the entire cast loved the original film and it shows in their performances. Daaman Krall, who plays Caligari, looks as if he stepped out of the original film ... he truly is Caligari.

Doug Jones, who plays Cesare the somnambulist, gives us what is nothing less than an award-winning performance. All of the cast's performances were exceptional but I would not be a good Executive Producer/Producer if I didn't list the principal players. Judson Morgan as Francis, Neil Hopkins as Alan, the beautiful Lauren Birkell as Jane. Our other cast members include the noted actor Richard Herd as The Commissioner, Tim Russ as The Clerk, Time Winters as Jane's father, William Gregory Lee as Joseph, Jane's brother, Randy Mulkey as The Inspector and Scott Lincoln as The Criminal. Everyone down to the extras was wonderful.The crew was outstanding. Chris Duddy, our Director of Photography was awesome.

The fact is I can't say enough about the crew. Paula Elins and David Fisher share Producer credits with me, and all I have to say about both of them is they are simply the best, and they are my family.

Len McLeod, Producer

Highlander Films LLC, November 2004

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