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The game, DOOM, features a legion of Imps, zombies, demons and other monstrosities that had all been created digitally by id Software's John Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Tim Willits, Kenneth Scott and other designers and artists. For the film, director Andrzej Bartkowiak and producers di Bonaventura and Wells would settle for nothing less than horrifically tangible, physical creatures.

"With our resources, we had to push them a little bit further and allow them to be even more articulated than they are in the game," comments di Bonaventura.

For this critical element, they turned to the Stan Winston Studio, which has created legendary cinematic creatures from the xenomorphs of ALIENS to the hunter PREDATOR and the unstoppable TERMINATOR.

To ensure continuity of the creatures from the game, the team at id Software sent the high-poly and matte models of the various demons - including the Hell Knights, Imps and Pinky Demon - over to special makeup effects supervisor John Rosengrant and visual effects supervisor Jon Farhat.

To perform as the hero creatures, the Stan Winston Studio called on 6'4" Doug Jones and 6'8" Brian Steele.

Jones, who previously played the aquatic 'Abe Sapien' in HELLBOY, recalls, "I saw designs of the monsters from the game, creatures with spiky shoulders that throw fire and crawl up walls and I thought, 'Oh yes, that's something I could do.'" Jones also coached the dancers Bartkowiak brought in from Prague to perform as zombies and in crowd scenes.

Jones had created body molds for previous films, so as soon as he signed on, Rosengrant and his team began to create latex bodysuits of the various creatures he would play.

"I play all the Imps in the film," he says. "I die about four different times." For scenes in which a demon would be slain by bullets, special effects supervisor Kit West fitted the suits with explosive squibs over thick body armor that would protect him from each bullet impact. These, along with the jaws and other servo-motor parts on the creatures' surfaces, were controlled by Rosengrant's on-set technicians.

"These monsters are the real deal," says [Dwayne] Johnson. "They look incredible, with sheer gravity and weight. They really kick a lot of ass in the movie."

"You can feel the texture of all these creatures," says [Rosamund] Pike. "They're all so functional and real and terrifying. It does feel like you're in a videogame."

Ben Daniels describes the sequence when the Imp sinks its teeth into him as "deeply freaky. The motor on the jaws was really strong and the teeth are made from the actual material that dentures are made from. I had nightmares for weeks."

From the production notes for DOOM (2005). For more information, go to the official DOOM movie website

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