4th ~ 7th September, 2009

Atlanta, Georgia,



OKAY- So here's what happened...


Telly, Katy, Katy's mother, Matt, Doug, and I all went to the Hard Rock. It was a hoot. Singing along to whatever was playing, doing the YMCA, stuff like that.

We took tacos to Doktor A. We found out from previous taco excursions on Friday that he's a vegetarian, so we took him veggie tacos. By the way, Helen, you were correct ... his stuff is cool!

Doug's panel- "Leaping from the Page- The Comics Characters of Doug Jones"- was at 2:30. We thought it was right outside the artist's area (it was on a board next to one of the rooms) so we told Doktor A about it (he hadn't seen Doug yet and wanted to pop by) ... then found out that it was in another part of the convention. So we arrived a bit late. But our running in, giggling, yelling "Whoo!" at all favorite Dougie characters. This is how we met Michele. Our loudness, squeaks, giggling, and "I love you" sign language hands, combined with our awesome shirts (by our talented KatyBacon) and our awesome Fan Sapien bags (glittery by Telly's hands), alerted her to the fact that these were the chicks she was looking for. We hung out with her for awhile.

Here's where things get dicey. Telly was staying with Katy and her mom at their hotel. Katy and her mom turned in for the night, and Telly was supposed to grab her stuff from there and come stay with us at our hotel. Somewhere along that line, she got lost. Badly. She drove around for the longest time, then went to a parking garage and curled up in the back of her hatch. A couple hours later, she found her way to the convention, and hung out there with some of the best guys, a couple volunteers guarding the Walk of Fame. (We had designated Doug's table as the "lost puppy" table.)

In the meantime, Matt, Michele and I had some dinner, and hung around in a corner of the lobby of the Mariott. After awhile, Spydaweb and Doug joined us. We worried. I called Telly's phone multiple times, texted Katy, and called and texted Derek, who was up in the bar somewhere, thinking that he would at least keep an eye out for her. Every once in awhile, one of us would walk around, looking for her. Nothing. 3 am (ish) was when we gave up for the night. We just had no idea what to do, and hoped to formulate a plan the next day.


At 10 am the next day (after once again sleeping through all my alarms), I got a call from Derek, who gave me some suggestions. I quickly jumped into the shower and into some clothes. This is when I realized that there was a message for me on the hotel phone. Helen, did you know your voice is very calming?

Then I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. Usually, I don't answer for numbers unless I'm expecting a call from one, but I picked up. Telly had borrowed a cell phone from a stranger, called her husband, who looked on Facebook to find my phone number, then she called me, hysterical. We hauled it to the convention, found Telly completely a mess, and took her back to the hotel to sleep. Matt stayed behind to "babysit" and make sure she had everything she needed. I gave Katy and her mom a hug goodbye, and went to hang out with Michele.

The two of us met at Dougie's table to walk with him and Derek to the "Why Actors Chose Certain Roles" panel. When we got there, we met up again with Spydaweb [from the DTF board - Ed.].

Afterwards, Doug was going to go to a short film screening, so Michele, Spyda, and a handful of other people went back to "our spot" on the floor, in the back of the Mariott lobby. We hung out, waiting for Doug to get out of his movie. When he arrived, we got some burgers and hot dogs and sat around, just munching.

Then Derek joined us. While the whole lot of us were sprawled out in a semi-circular fashion, Derek just talked to me. He asked me questions, joked around, stuff like that. Telly moved closer to us, and the two of them discovered that if you lay in the right position, you can see up the kilts of dudes walking on the walkway above us. (I did not partake of this discovery ... bleh. LOL)

Derek is AWESOME. He taught Telly and I the proper way to take tequila shots. Randomly, we were just lying around in "The Spot" when he asked me what number our hotel room was. When I replied - 520 - he jumped up, insisted I come along with him, and we went up to the 45th floor and looked for a (4)520. There was none - it just went from 4519 to 4521. We went down to the 5th level, and found it. He knocked on the door, but nobody answered, so I just took a picture.

When we got back down there, there was a new puppy, Trey. He has the funniest laugh. The whole lot of us decided to go over to the Walk of Fame to see if Telly's security volunteer friends and thank them. When we went back to "The Spot," Derek decided to call it a night.

We all hung out with Doug some more, then said goodnight to Michele. We took a walk around the atrium with Doug and Trey, then parted company.

Carly Smith, Indiana
7th September, 2009

© 2009 Carly Smith. All rights reserved.

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