4th ~ 7th September, 2009

Atlanta, Georgia,



I got into Atlanta Friday night ‘round 5pm with two other people.
I was soooo stressed out from all of it by the time we got to the Sheraton to register ... and I’d been starting to come down with a late summer cold/flu/evil thing from Hades, and the added stress was not helping.

So I come down so sick late Friday, that I was a mess, and down for the count on Saturday.

Sunday morning saw me much improved, but still just a tad peek-ed. However, I wasn’t about to waste my last (and only) day at the con. Beside’s, I’d made a promise to a co-worker/friend that, come h*ll or high water, I’d get her an autograph of Tom Felton {for those of you that don’t know, he portrays Malfoy from all the Harry Potter films}. That, and through all the sicky, icky cold/flu/evil things befuddling my brain, I remembered that Doug would be there too!

Now, I confess ... I’d been in love with the man since his day as Billy in ‘Hocus Pocus’; and I’d absolutely adored him in HB’s I & II. But I never realized just how much I did until I was standing in line to await meeting him ... ! I would watch how he interacted with everyone who spoke with him...how he would embrace them, how he would touch them, like they were the oldest and best-est of friends. I started hyperventilating, just thinking of him showing me the same treatment!!

I have never, ever been such a Total-Geek FanBoy over any other celeb. And while the wait was well worth it, it became sheer torture with each passing minute. There were people both in front of me and behind me whom, in trying to help calm me, kept telling me how great he was; of how he would make me feel totally and completely loved and accepted. Which, of course, had exactly the opposite affect on me!

So then, finally, there I am at the corner of the table where the guy helping him (Zeus! I know I’ve seen his name mentioned here, but cannot recall it!) took my $$ for the autograph. So, I’m just standing there, willingly waiting my turn, when You-Know-Who comes walking ‘round the table, and right at me! I just kind of stood there, gaping in awe, when he stops short, looks at me, gives me the biggest smile ever, greets me, and just pulls me into this incredible hug. We talked for like, two-three seconds, then he asks me to excuse him while he goes to take a photo with the people before me.

Finally! It was my turn! Once again, Mr. Wonderful J. comes ‘round the table to greet me! I was still in a bit of a fog from the first hug he gave me. He stops a foot away from me, looks me up & down, and says to me, “My Goodness, but you are a tiny thing, aren’t you? You’re so Precious! I could put you in my pocket and I could just pat your head all day!” I replied, “Well, I’d have to poke my head out every once in a while to breathe!” He was like, “No, you’d have to stay down in there!”

We both laughed so hard!

Then he just pulled me into that wonderful, all enveloping hug he gives ... (sigh) and just held me there for a couple of seconds. He then pulled back just a bit, looked me in the eye, and said,

“Have you been a good girl?”

I said, “Yes ...”

He said, “Are you going to keep being a good girl?”

“Yes ...”


“I promise!”

“There’s Love here, isn’t there?”


Finally, he went back behind the table to write his autograph in my book. When he was done, and we were saying our farewell’s, he stood up and, leaning over the table, gave me a kiss on the cheek, allowing me to return the same!!! I thought I was gonna die!! EEK!

All in all, it was the highlight of the con for me ... I will never, ever forget that meeting, not ever.

Needless to day, I am a Hopefully Devoted Fan-Sapien now ...!

Mark me ...

Sianna Hoskins
October 2009

© 2009 Sianna Hoskins. All rights reserved.

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