What the critics said ...

"What’s so great about the Surfer? Doug Jones. That man moves like something not of this Earth. There’s a grace and a calm to him – he doesn’t ride the board like a surfer, he rides it as though it was simply an extension of his self. There’s a reason why he interacts with Doom and the FF… there’s something of the powers cosmic about them. They stand out from the other mortals, there’s a spark of the infinite in them, now … that’s never said, but you see it in the curiosity with which he holds them.

Now – when he’s covered in the silver look – He does in fact look unreal, but there’s a point where he’s separated from his board – and he takes on a tarnished look. Here is where Doug Jones shines so brightly. Spectral Motion's make up on the Surfer is fantastic. Yes, they did do a lot of what you’ll see of the Surfer in this movie – no matter what Fox officially says – And the results are spectacular. When he’s strapped to that table and being questioned by Sue … I was just so incredibly happy. Just so happy.[ ... ]

Doug Jones?

GOD BLESS YOU FOR EXISTING! Amongst all the cg, all the silliness – you lent the Silver Surfer the poise and the grace that only one who had soared the space ways of the infinite could have. And … if JMS [Ed. J. Michael Straczynski] does the job that I hope he will on the SILVER SURFER movie … and if they get a brilliant director. And they get Doug Jones back. That will be a movie that I can’t even fathom the coolness of."

Harry Knowles

AINTITCOOL.COM, 15th June, 2007

"Doug Jones, also, should receive kudos aplenty as his movements make this character so fluid, so cosmic, so … perfect. That Laurence Fishburne plays the voice is sort of inconsequential. So much emphasis was put on the effort to get a “real actor” to voice the surfer, but with few lines it could have been anyone, and should have been Doug Jones."

COMICS2FILM.COM, 17th June, 2007

"The Surfer ...  has the further good fortune to be played by Doug Jones, a marvelous physical actor who was unforgettable at both Pan and the Pale Man in Guillermo del Toro's 'Pan's Labyrinth.'"

Kenneth Turan
LOS ANGELES TIMES, 15th June, 1007

"It’s a shame he couldn’t get his own movie without all the hangers-on, and even more of a shame that actor Doug Jones is being overdubbed by Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus is cool, but so is Doug)."

Luke Y. Thompson

"However, FF2 wasn’t a total failure. The Surfer is phenomenal (with the exception being Laurence Fishburne’s distracting voice). His entire body seemed to be in constant motion. I was mesmerized for every moment he was on screen."

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, 9th June, 2007

"The only pleasant suprise of “4: Rise of the Silver Surfer” is the Silver Surfer himself. Doug Jones, who also played the faun in “Pan's Labyrinth,” brings depth, charisma and vulnerability to the character's short presence on screen."

TURKISH DAILY NEWS, 18th August, 2007

"Unarguably, the Silver Surfer is a pleasure to watch. Surfing is already one of the coolest things in this ugly world and nickel is another one. Put those two together on one person, make him surf through space and you can’t go wrong. Doug Jones specializes in playing people behind heavy make up and cgi so he gets it right once more. That’s it."

Loukas Tsouknidas
FILM SCHOOL REJECTS, 11th June, 2007

"The (Silver Surfer), brought to life thanks to a combination of a make up suit worn by character actor Doug Jones and the visual wizardry of the Weta team, looks astounding and his scenes are probably the best thing about the movie."

Antonello Sammito

"Jones' delivery as Abe Sapien and the Surfer have some similarities, says Mike Elizalde, president of Glendale, Calif., effects company Spectral Motion. His firm worked with Jones on both characters. "They both possess powers beyond those of mortal humans and they are both elegant and beautiful," Elizalde says. Jones' background as a mime and his tall, slender body makes him ideal for such challenges. "He is very conscious of what every joint in his body is doing at any given moment," Elizalde says. "I admire his performance tremendously"

Mike Snider
USA TODAY, 13th June, 2007

"That choice of Silver Surfer storyline, and the way the awesome-looking character is played by Doug Jones (who was also behind the haunting Pan and Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth), are what make this Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer infinitely more watchable than its predecessor."

Isa Tousignant, 14th June, 2007

"Special effects producer John Kilkenny said Jones gave a great performance.", 12th June, 2007

"His appearance in the film is the closest that director Tim Story gets to visual awe. Actor Doug Jones (lacquered in CGI quicksilver) and voice artist Laurence Fishburne provide the supersonic skyboarder with the dignity and gravity, if not quite the philosophical depth, of his inspiration."

Sean Axmaker
SEATTLE POST, 13th June, 2007

"The Silver Surfer is played in body by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne, and both do beautiful, sensitive work -- it's the performance to take from the movie."

Mick La Salle

"The Silver Surfer - played under metallic effects by Doug Jones - is a cool invention, sort of a cross between the morphing alien robot in "Terminator 2" and Gort, the robot giant in the classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

He is also an alien with a heart, vulnerable as Superman sitting on kryptonite. Scary, but you learn to love the big lug."

Jack Mathews
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 14th June, 2007

"Doug Jones is the busiest unrecognizable actor in Hollywood.After decades of bit parts on television and in many movies, Jones has finally come into his own as Hollywood's newest (Cousin) It guy - the actor to see when the script calls for a monster or a freak."

THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 12th June, 2007

"A spandex-clad Jessica Alba may be what sells tickets to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (out June 15), but it's the naked dude on the shortboard that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Creature-actor Doug Jones is riding high as the man behind the film's lustrous, CG-enhanced villain."

Tom Russo

"It is the story of a threatening zero who turns out to be a noble zero. Both move with the grace of Doug Jones."

GROUCHO, 15th June, 2007

"(Silver Surfer) is a combination of CGI and prosthetics built on a performance by Doug Jones, who played the title character in "Pan's Labyrinth," and who along with Andy Serkis (Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" films) is one of the pre-eminent synthetic thespians working today."

Duane Dudek

"Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth ) does a great job as the Silver Surfer and the awesome slightly iridescent on-set practical makeup that Spectral Motion created for the movie can be seen in a large chunk of the flick where the Surfer is somewhat powered down. Why Fox had so many issues with saying that Jones “played” the Surfer I will never know, but Jones still remains the undisputed Lon Chaney of our times. There are damn few actors who can emote and give as great a performance as Jones from under several layers of latex and make-up."

Sean Elliot

IFMAGAZINE.COM, 15th June, 2007

"Here's the thing: anything bad that I could potentially say about the movie was completely washed away when the Silver Surfer was onscreen. AMAZING. That's all I can say. Doug Jones has such presence, you are fascinated and intimidated at the same time. The man exudes cosmic power, with or without the T2 chrome effects."


COMICS2FILM, 20th June, 2007

"Words can’t express the feeling when the Silver Surfer graced the screen. I had goosebumps. Doug Jones does his usual extraordinary work in the suit."

Chad Webb

411MANIA.COM, 18th June, 2007

"Doug Jones brings a beautiful otherworldliness to his performance as the Silver Surfer. I am sure that much of what you see is the creation of a computer, but it is Jones who was on set providing the guide to the character. He has been carving out a nice niche playing these types of roles, previously appearing in Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth. He brings a grace and serenity to the screen, despite being forced to assist in the destruction of planet after planet. It is a wonderful character, and I hope they lock him up to be in the proposed Silver Surfer film."

Chris Beaumont


"Jones is eloquently graceful as the alien with the terrible burden ..."

Abbie Bernstein

MANIA.COM, 15th June, 2007

"One of Guillermo del Toro's favorite actors, Doug Jones, was psychic fishman Abe Sapien in Hellboy and the titular faun in Pan's Labyrinth. Now, for director Tim Story, he is the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. A definite improvement over 2005's somnolent Fantastic Four, there is still little chance that anyone will mistake this for a great movie, but Story keeps the action hopping and at least he had the good sense to hire Jones. Even completely encased in metal, he still manages to invest his character with the most emotional resonance in the film and he cuts an awesome figure on his color-coordinated surfboard.

As is so often the case with his roles, we never see the real Jones' face and yet he imbues this alien creature with the most humanity of any character in the film. Without him, Rise of the Silver Surfer is just another clumsy comic book adaptation. With him, we feel the weight of the burden he carries, the reluctant destroyer. This is no black and white bad guy, and that ambivalence and the actor that portrays it elevate and enliven the movie. The Fantastic Four, those guys are not so fantastic, but this guy clearly is."

Pam Grady

REEL.COM, 15th June, 2007

"And that voice – you can’t tell me that Doug Jones wouldn’t cut it as the Surfer, but Julian McMahon does as Doom? You’ve got Doug Jones in the suit, and all you need do is look to Pan’s Labyrinth to see how a living, breathing director can assist Jones in creating something out of nothing."

Chad Webb

CHUD.COM, 15th June, 2007

"This is bland, uninspired filmmaking, elevated solely by the all-too-welcome work of performer Doug Jones ... (He's the reason I'm giving this movie two stars.)"

Kevin Williamson

London Free Press, 15th June, 2007



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