Lucy Gordon
1980 ~ 2009

It is with heavy sadness in my heart that I share in the news of the sudden passing of my dear new friend, Lucy Gordon.

While recently filming "SERGE GAINSBOURG: Vie Heroique (A Heroic Life)" I met a vibrant, stunningly beautiful, funny, intelligent, energetic conversationalist, and brilliantly gifted actress with a heart of gold who knew no strangers. Lucy Gordon and I had an instant connection as the only two in the cast of this French film to have English as our native tongue. That connection only grew stronger with each day on the set and at our production parties and events. Mrs. Laurie and I agreed that Lucy was the kind of puppy girl we wanted to throw our arms around and just keep.

Lucy was an angel of joy who fluttered her wings down from Heaven to bless all of us with her presence and a smile that spread throughout our entire cast and crew. Even now through my tears of sadness for her family, friends, and all of us who mourn this devastating loss, I lift my eyes to say, Lucy, thank you for blessing us with your gifts of laughter, hugs, and heartfelt joy. I pray that any demons you did battle with here on earth are defeated and that your angel wings have carried you safely back to God's tender care in Heaven.

~ Doug Jones
Los Angeles, May 21, 2009

Report from the Daily Mail

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