Director: Ridley Scott

Anthony Hopkins ...Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Julianne Moore ... Clarice Starling
Giancarlo Giannini ... Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi
Ray Liotta ... Paul Krendler
Gary Oldman ... Mason Verger

Doug Jones was Gary Oldman's 'body double'
for his role as 'Mason Verger'



I was on set for 3 weeks back in the summer of 2000 in Asheville, North Carolina to be a double for Gary Oldman as 'Mason Verger'. It was a 3 hour make-up job for him, so they wanted to have me around for over the shoulder shots, big wide shots, hand inserts, and one particular nude shot of him in a bathing tank (a shot that never happened).

This is often done if a star of his caliber doesn't want to go through all the fuss for such throw-away moments. But to Gary's credit, he didn't want anyone doing any of his role for him (EXACTLY how I would have felt), so there I was with all of his lines memorized and ready to step in anywhere they needed, but alas, they never needed me. I could have felt demeaned by this arrangement, except it paid well enough for me to just enjoy the ride, and have a great vacation at the Biltmore Estate (as Mason Verger's home).

There was one day when Gary had already been wrapped for the day, but they needed a wide shot of Julianne Moore walking into his enormous bedroom for her first visit. So into make-up I went and into the bed surrounded by mosquito netting for a beautiful wide shot. Julianne came in and exchanged a few lines with me (about her Mustang car) and we were done in about 20 minutes. Not bad getting paid 3 weeks for 20 minutes of work, eh?

Julianne was a sheer delight, and meeting Anthony Hopkins and Ridley Scott didn't hurt any either. My very favorite actor on the set was Zeljko Ivanec. He is a well credited actor who was currently a regular on HBO's "Oz" as the governor (or was it the mayor?). He and I hit it off, and spent free time hiking in the GORGEOUS mountains surrounding Asheville.


Doug Jones,
Los Angeles, C.A., October 3rd, 2004


© 2004 Doug Jones. All rights reserved.

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