1st July, 2008

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Doug and Tim "tim0122" Rosenberger from the Del Toro Films message board

How I met the fish stick and what followed there after

First off, let me just warn you all that this might not be terrific for the important reason that I’ve forgotten a lot of it. But I’ll try and tell the story as well and complete as I can but some parts might be quite vague and/or missing.

I think I was so happy to meet Dougie, Guillermo, and the whole gang that my brain threatened to go into overload and therefore had to erase parts of the experience. Or I just have a bad memory sometimes.

Anyway, as our dear Hellmistress has already explained, some of us fans got the chance to go to a fan screening in Los Angeles, California. I’ll spare the boring details and some of the exciting ones and get right to Dougie.

After the movie had been screened for the fans and the brief Q/A was over, we all gathered in the theater’s lobby to meet up with fellow fans and to meet the guests involved with the movie. There was also some food and drinks there as well.
I waited impatiently for Dougie to come out. When he did, it took me a number of minutes to actually get up the courage to go up and talk to him. I finally said, “Oh, screw this,” and just walked up to him. He was talking to someone and so I had to again wait impatiently. He looked at me a few times while he spoke to my fellow fan and so immediately after he was done talking to the unknown fan, he turned to me.
My nervousness went away almost entirely when he spoke and I found out that he’s an even nicer man than I heard. I think he asked me my name at that point (this is where things get a little foggy, you see). I told him it was Tim. He misheard me the first time and thus asked me to repeat it. I did so. “Oh, Tim,” he said as he made a connection. “Helen told me about you.” Helen had given messages and letters to him from fans when she visited him on the set of HBII in Budapest. One of the letters had been mine. He said that he hadn’t had the time lately to go on the message boards and such.
I told him where I was from (we’re both mid-westerners).

“Will you be my new life-long friend?” he asked me. Of course I replied ‘yes’.

I asked him to sign a Hellabration shirt for a friend of mine who had heard about me going to the event but wasn’t able to attend the event herself. So, unbeknownst to her (my friend) I had bought an extra shirt for her so that I could get it signed by the special guests of the night. Dougie lovingly wrote, “To Bailey, Best Fishes,” and drew a little fish next to his signature. You can see a picture of him signing it on the site.

“How do you like this town of ours?” he asked me, while he signed the shirt.

“I don’t like the traffic,” I said.

I then think he laughed a bit.
After he signed the shirt I think that I got some Dougie hugs and then let some other fans have their turn to talk with him.
I proceeded to jump up and down in pure glee. I went over to another area of the theater’s lobby at this point to get some more signatures for the shirt. Out of the six guests (Dougie, Selma Blair, Anna Walton, Luke Goss, Guillermo, and the man himself, Mike Mignola), I got three. By the time I had gotten Mike’s and Guillermo’s I had lost most of my courage and couldn’t bear the idea of asking the other three. My friend loved the shirt, by the way.
Once I was done refreshing my dry throat with some soda (the lobby was very hot I should add), I found the fish stick again.
“I don’t want to be greedy,” I said to him, “but would you mind signing something else for me.”
He said that he didn’t mind at all and he signed a booklet thing about the movie that we all got. His very kind words were, “To my new life-long friend, Tim,” followed by his signature and another drawing of a little fish.

I again stepped aside to let other fans meet him. I took a picture of the shirt and sat down against a wall next to EL (Elegance Liberty) and rested from the excitement.
The fan-sapiens commenced to talk and visit with Dougie. They decided to take a group photo with him. Multiple cameras were used and I offered to operate one of them. People got organized and Dougie said, “Come on up, Tim and take the picture with us.” With glee now reaching a very dangerous level, I gave the camera to someone else and joined the other six people (five fans and Mr. Jones). Instead of trying to describe what we did I’ll just so you one of the many pictures of it.

That picture was what inducted me into the world of fan-sapiens and I am now a proud member.

We all chitchatted with Doug for God knows how much longer. I mentioned an alternative to always having strange eyes and being thus blind in the films that he does for GDT. I won’t mention that here, though. I told him how excited I was for My Name is Jerry, which is a film that he’s doing that’s coming out in 2009 where he won’t be under heavy makeup AND he’s the lead of the movie!! He at one point called some of us puppies and asked if he could keep us.
As all things have to do eventually, the night’s festivities had to come to an end and we all had to say goodbye to Dougie. I had quickly ran and gotten a HBII poster and had to run back to say goodbye to Doug and Helen before they left.

After the after party some of the other fans and I had an after after party and had some more fun. But that is a story for another time.
Well, I hope this was somewhat enjoyable to read. I may have a bad memory but I will always remember how nice of a guy Doug Jones is. If you ever get the chance to meet him then do it. You won’t regret it, I promise.
Can’t wait to see him again at some convention or whatnot. When I do I’ll be sure to report back here all about it.
Until then, remember one very important thing, “there’s love.”

Somewhere in Illinois, 5:58 P.M, 25th September, 2008