26th & 27th September, 2009


"This was my first time meeting Doug (or any of the Hellboy alum for that matter), and though I’m certainly no stranger to the convention scene, I must admit I was a little bashful to meet Doug given my unreserved adoration for the Hellboy movies and Pan’s Labyrinth. Once we got to conversing though, he made me feel just like family, sharing tons of fun stories and then signing my monstrous 5’ vinyl Hellboy 2 poster. I also must express my appreciation for Doug’s candor and time spent with me talking about his various experiences performing voice over work. I dabble in voice over work myself, having performed numerous commercial gigs and narrations for businesses on their web sites (webinars, demos, promos, etc.), so I was humbled that Doug took the time to listen to some of my experiences and then offered some encouraging words and sound advice."

Jeremy Nemcosky
Columbia, Maryland, 29th September, 2009

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