Rex Rotsko on Doug Jones

Whenever I see a really funny movie the first thing I like to do is bring Doug and watch him watch the movie. I did this with Waiting for Guffman. I brought him to see the film and he was totally spastic! He laughed so hard he was screaming with arms and legs flailing around like he was having a fit. He was so out of control that after the film was over the people in front of us walked by and sarcastically asked Doug "So, did you enjoy the film?"

In 2000 I moved to Austin, Texas, to be in a comedy show called Esther's Follies. When Doug came to visit in 2001 I was able to surprise him by taking him to the town of Lockhart (just south of Austin) where Guffman was filmed. This photo is of Doug in front of the "Blaine" court house.