Scottish Rite Masonic Center
6151 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

11th June, 2006

Dalton Bridge (aged 11) and sister Jordan (aged 7) with Doug


Doug (sweetheart that he is) was there and in good spirits despite his having just (meaning the night before) got over the flu! He is oh, so devoted to his fans!

Dalton was very excited to meet him... practically stunned into silence. When I asked him if he had any questions for Doug all he could come up with made me laugh ... he asked: " Is it true that you can get only two sides of a Rubick's Cube done?" refering to the scene when Doug was playing Abe and was hanging upside down playing with the cube. Kids! ... you just gotta' luv 'em.

Sharon Bridge, Sacramento, June 12th, 2006

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