Columbus, Texas, U.S.A.

January, 2008



The morning after 21 hours on the road.

Rex Rotsko on Doug Jones

In 2007 I moved from LA to Texas to help Ronny [Daley] with the salvage yard [Daley's Salvage, Columbus - Ed.]. I bought an old farmhouse in the town of Weimar which has less than 2000 residence and is famous for being the town where in 1999 serial killer Angel Resendiz (The Railroad Killer) took his last victims. As Doug was driving in from San Antonio I was giving him directions and I told him to take the Weimar exit. He asked "Which one?" to which I replied "The only one." Being the big city boy that he is he had trouble understanding that an entire town could have only one freeway exit. As usual he drove the 21 hours from LA straight through and was a bit pooped when he arrived.


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