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Or, everything you wanted to know about Dougie
but were afraid to ask ...


Doug has double-jointed legs.

Doug was inspired to create Abe Sapien's graceful and liquid movements after watching the pet fish in his office.

Doug once trained as a bank manager.

His performance as 'Billy Butcherson' in Hocus Pocus earned him a pre-nomination for a comedy award.

The choker Dougie often wears for Hellboy promo appearances is one of Abe Sapien's eyes ...

.. and speaking of keepsakes, not only did Doug bring home BOTH of Abe's eyes, but also one of his webbed hands and his teeth.

Guillermo del Toro is known for giving his cast nicknames - on the set of HELLBOY, Selma Blair became 'Monkey Brain', and Rupert Evans was known as 'Agent Piles'. Dougie? Well ... "Whenever it was time to get me on set, he would yell, 'Let's shoot the fishstick!'"

Did you know Doug can dance? On the set of STALLED, Doug's co-star, the delightful and lovely Ms. Christine Deaver, told Director Stephan Haves that Dougie 'clogged' - so look out for Doug's short but wonderful dance sequence in the family celebration scene.

Doug LOVES dolphins. He collects dolphin art and has done so for over a decade.


Yes, I have been in love with dolphins ever since I can remember. I never missed an episode of "Flipper" on TV when I was a kid. I love all sea life, but dolphins especially are so intelligent and so playful. Those happy little faces of theirs! They are also heroic in the tales I've heard of their rescuing humans.

A summer job I had right after graduating from Ball State University was playing a roaming street mime at Kings Island, an amusement theme park in Cincinnatti, Ohio. I had to go out on 6 "walks" around the park each day, miming as I went. Just as a treat to myself, I saved my favorite location at the park for my last walk of the day ... the afternoon dolphin show.

I would go up on the trainer's stage before the show started to entertain the gathering crowd in the stands with a little mime fishing act I came up with. My very last day of work that summer was finished off by me acting like one of the dolphins was tugging my "fishing line", and I took a head-first dive into the tank with them. A dream for me, that I dared not do before my last day for fear of getting fired. I love all things dolphin, especially sculptures.

Doug Jones

Los Angeles, September 2004


Doug only had one scene in HELLBOY as Abe Sapien in which he actually got wet. A wounded Abe crawls out of a cistern to escape the 'Sammaels', the hounds of Hell played by Brian Steele. Surprisingly, the make-up stood up well to being immersed in water - although Doug wasn't quite so lucky. On the first take he smacked his right knee down hard on some broken tiles, putting a deep, corner-shaped gash into the flesh. With blood running everywhere, he was duly patched up and went back to complete several more takes and finish the scene.

The famous 'Rubik's Cube' scene in HELLBOY was filmed on Doug's birthday. He spent most of the day suspended upside-down in a hip harness - which was pulled excessively tight to stop him slipping out, due to Doug's slender build. By the end of an excruciatingly painful day the harness had broken the skin and caused severe pressure sores. Ah, what one does for one's art ...

Not only is Dougie a fine actor, mime and contortionist, but he is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.

The famous scene in HOCUS POCUS where Doug's character, the floppy zombie 'Billy Butcherson,' cuts the stitching on his mouth and spouts wonderfully earthy 17th-century epithets at the wicked witch 'Winnie Sanderson' (Bette Midler), was originally intended to have somewhat different dialogue. Doug didn't think the language was appropriate for a children's film and asked to re-write his little speech. That dialogue has become the most-quoted from this classic Halloween film.

Doug's much-lauded performances in Guillermo del Toro's Spanish-language film PAN'S LABYRINTH meant that not only was Doug working under extreme prosthetics in his dual roles of El Fauno and Pale Man, but also that he had to learn huge amounts of dialogue in archaic Spanish, a language he doesn't speak. He did it perfectly.

The make-up for El Fauno took approximately five hours. Doug's near six-feet-four height was built upon by brilliant Spanish FX team DDT Efectos Especiales, and Doug ended up balancing on eight-inch leg extensions, which were later digitally tweaked to create El Fauno's extraordinary goat-legs. As if that wasn't difficult enough, the complicated head design included servos to work the ears and some upper facial expression, and the whine of the servos was so loud that Doug couldn't hear anything else. So during his scenes with Ivana Baquero (Ofelia) he learned her lines as well as his own, timing the dialogue so he could cue his own lines.

The grusome Pale Man in PAN'S LABYRINTH, perhaps one of film's creepiest creations, was also one of the most difficult for Doug to work on. Consisting of mainly glue-on prosthetics that took up to six hours to apply, the headpiece had no eyes. Doug could only see (and barely, at that!) through the nostrils, but it made him cross-eyed.

What does Doug do to relax? Well, another of his many talents is cutting hair, which he happily does for friends and family.

While filming THE WAGER in the summer of 2006, Doug enjoyed himself immensely doing all of his own stunt-driving.

The role Doug has most wanted to play throughout his career is that of an angel ... guardian or otherwise - and no, the Angel of Death doesn't count. He would love to play a Heavenly Angel of the wing-flapping kind.

Doug has a plushy toy dog called Zekey, who travels with him on his adventures. You can keep up with Zekey and his life with Papa Dougie here, on his own Twitter Page.



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